Viljandi match show
Jaana Aadamsoo May 24, 2010
Prana- red ribbon, second of the red ribbon puppies
Liisu- red ribbon, third of the red ribbon breed dogs
Veeda- red ribbon (Thank you, Andres for showing Fluffy and getting her there! She is really pleased!)

Info- Match show is a show for all dogs, breed or mixed. Dogs are separated into groups determined by the oranizer (mixed and breed dogs together or separate, small and big dogs separate or together etc.), Two dogs go in the ring and the judge awards one red (to the slightly better) and one blue ribbon (to the slightly not so good). When the whole class is determined red and blue, the red and blue go in separate and 4 best of each are placed. Then the best of each class go in and 4 dogs are placed as BIS.
The dogs are judged by their performance, cooperation with the owner, dogs condition, temperament and the judges personal preferance.
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