A- litter

16.01.2010 two brown males, two brown females and one black female were born

Pictures of the pups growing
Artemis 11 weeks old bloodtracking
Artemis 3 months old bloodtracking

Jägervision Ares
brown and tan male
Killed in a dog attack at the age of 3,5 months

Jägervision Amazon "Pipa"
black and tan female
Living near Tallinn as a familydog.

Jägervision Artemis
brown and tan female
A huntingdog and his masters best friend in Võrumaa

Jägervision Avatar "Zeus"
brown and tan male
Familydog and a show and hunting companion living near Viljandi

Jägervision Athena
brown and tan female
A hunting and familydog in Võrumaa

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